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How to buy

How to buy

How to buy at a traditional auction

4 ways to participate:

1. At our Auction House

Present yourself at our Milan auction house on the day of the Auction or during a exhibition day with a valid identity document and fill in the required forms.

2. By written offer

You can also give Viscontea Casa d’Aste the right to bid on your behalf. You must establish your maximum offers beforehand by filling out the Bidding Form and following the instructions in the Place a bid section. Alternatively, once registered, you can make you bid directly on our website.

3. By phone

You can also request a telephone call back from Viscontea Casa D’Aste regarding an object that you are interested. To request a call back you will have to register your interest by filling out the Bidding Form (instructions in the Place a bid section) before the auction starts. Telephone offers are only accepted on bids over € 500.

4. Online live bidding

To take part in the auction in real time, while sitting in front of your computer, tablet or smartphone, you need to register on LiveAuctioneers, Drouot Digital or Bidspirit, accepting their conditions.
- If you do not already have an account on one of these platforms, you have to create a new one. Click here to create your LiveAuctioneers's account (click LOG IN at the top right of the page and then Join), here to create your Drouot Digital's account or here to create your Bidspirit's account (click REGISTRATION at the top left of the page and then SEND).
- send (for the first time only) a copy of a valid identity document and tax code by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by fax to +39 02.2047544
- subscribe to our auction from your account within one hour before auction starts. Click here to go directly to our catalogue on LiveAuctioneers, here on Drouot Digital or here on Bidspirit.

How to buy at an Online Timed Auction

To take part in an online timed auction:

1. Register

Register by filling out the form and attaching a copy of a valid identity document. Click here to create your account.

2. Make your offer

Once logged you can enter the screen to "Online timed auction", click on the lot of your interest and leave your offer by compliting the appropriate form anche click on "Leave an offer".

The minimum raise must be at least the starting price for the first offer or higher tha the last bid received, called "current bid", with an increment like the ones shown in the table below. You can raise several time until the expiry of the available time or, by clicking the icon "automatic bid", to leave the system to bid on your behalf up to the maximum indicated by you. The relaunching mode used by the system is summarized in the table below. Please, pay attention, once you bid you can't delete your offer.

You will be notified by e-mail, to the address you left at registration, when your offer will be exceeded.

In the case of more offers of the same amount, including those from "automatic bid", one received first will win.

Buyers, wishing to control one or more lots, can click on the star icon to add the lot to their favourite lists.

Auto-increment to exceed new minimum offer

How our auctions work

1. The auctions

Auctions are open to the general public, with no obligation to buy.

2. The auction catalogue

Auction estimates in the catalogue are stated in Euros.

Estimates are simple valuations based on an average market price for comparable works of art and on the condition and quality of the object.

Any statement relating to the artist, the date, the origin, the provenience and the condition are just an opinion and not a necessarily factual. Lots may present imperfections, signs of wear and of the passage of time, even in the absence of the word "defects" or similar in the description. Potential buyers are allowed to consult or be accompanied by trusted experts during the viewing days. All information pertaining to the lot, including existing documentation, are given in the description of the same. If this information were not present, it means that the lot does not have specific information. Regarding the jewelry, buyers can ask the Auction House for the written expertise that will be issued by a qualified gemologist.

3. Bidding paddle

Potential buyers must possess a numbered bidding paddle, filling and signing th bidding form with wich they undertake to accept the "terms of sale", considering that the sale might be under video recording.

Anyone acting on behalf of a buyer must show adequate written authorization. All potential buyers, must show a valid form of personal identification, and must use the bidding paddle to indicate to the auctioneer their offers during the auction.

The bidding paddle must be returned to the Auction House at the end of the sale. Upon presenting their written offers or telephone offers, all potential buyers are required to provide the following bank details:



Branch............................................................ Telephone........................................................

C/C n°......................... ABI.......................... CAB..................... IBAN...............................


and authorize Viscontea Casa d'Aste Srl, in the form of their legal representative, to engage in any types of verification process.

4. Auction rights

The buyer will pay the auction rights - equivalent to 24% of the hammer price.
Please note that any lots purchased via live auctions marketplaces will be subject to an additional commission charge on the hammer price, as written in their conditions.

5. I.V.A. / VAT

The auction fee is inclusive of VAT - art. 40-bis, D.L. 41/1995, - L. 85/1995.

6. Lots sold by persons subject to VAT

Viscontea Casa d'Aste S.r.l. is acting on behalf of the sellers on the basis of a mandate with representation and therefore does not substitute a third party in accounting reports. Lots sold by persons subject to VAT will be invoiced taking into account the VAT applied by the seller, and will be marked with an asterisk.

7. Lots under judicial proceedings

On lots under judicial proceedings (inheritance, bankruptcy, reclaims etc.) it will be applied a commission of .....%.

If subject to VAT it will applied a rate of 22% on the award. If not subject to VAT it will be charged a commission of 3% by way of registration tax.

8. Written and telephone offers & live bids

Customers can also partecipate trough written offers by filling out the form, attaching a photocopy of a valid identity card and sending the same to Viscontea Casa d'Aste (by post, email, fax or in person) at least 24 hours before the start of the auction.

If the offers in the room are less than a written offer, the lot will be awarded to the latter on the next beat of the highest bid in the room. If there are no offers other than the written offer, the final sale price will be based on initial auction price.

If more written offers are identical, the offer received first will win.

If you have a serious interest in one or more lots, you may take part in the auction by telephone by sending your request to Viscontea at least 24 hours before the start of the auction. A member of the Viscontea Auction staff will contact you by telephone during the auction to allow you to partecipate in the bidding. All consistent with number of received and available phone lines. Although the The Auction House will take great care to satisfy your request, does not accept any responsibility for any errors made in attempting to call you. Is a discretion of the Auction House to accept telephone offers for lots with a minimum valuation equal or less than € 500,00. The Auction House, due to the limited number of telephone lines, reserves the right not to accept requests for telephone contacts if they come from customers that in previous occasions have proven not to be really interested in purchasing.

Viscontea Casa d'Aste also offers an online bidding service via live auctions marketplaces for bidders who cannot attend the sale. In completing the bidder registration and providing credit card details, the Buyer agrees with Viscontea Casa d'Aste's Terms and Condition.

9. Raises

The starting price is usually equal to the lowest estimate or the starting price (B.A.) given in the catalogue and raises are the onese shown in the table below.
The auctioneer can at his own discretion vary the raises during the auction.
Rilancio Asta a tempo

10. Payments

Full payment for a lot must be made, in Euros, within seven (7) days of the auction by one of the following forms:

- cheque

- wire transfer

- credit or debit card (only in our premises)

- cash (under 3000,00 euro)

11. Collection and payment by overseas buyers

In the case where foreign client wins a lot, Italian law requires the presentation of a free circulation document. This can take approximately 40 days from the date in which the art work is presented. Only when the document has been provided the buyer can collect the goods. Failure to provide the permit, or late presentation of the permit does not result in cancelling of the sale and does not justify late payment from the buyer.

12. Collection of lots

All lots paid for as stated above must be collected within 15 days from the date of sale, unless agreed otherwise with Viscontea Casa d'Aste and except lots for which it is necessary to obtain the export license (for these ones 15 days start from the moment in which the authorizations are ready). The auction house doesn’t directly deal with packaging and shipping, but has a collaboration with a shipping company that can takes care of the entire procedure, if the customer requests it.


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