Live Auction

Here is a new tool that allows you to enter the world of Live Auctions with just one mouse click.
A simple and free registration will allow you to access the service to participate in the auction in real time, see and hear the auctioneer and bid for the sale in progress.
  1. A free tool for all our customers
  2. No external applications to download
  3. Ability to see and hear the batsman in the hall
  4. Layout compatible with all browsers
  5. Automatic notification service before the affected lots

A new way to experience the auction ...

Viscontea Casa d'Aste makes available this free online offer service, with the aim of allowing participation in the sales to all people who cannot be present in the room at the time of the sale due to commitments or other reasons. Casa d'Aste assumes no responsibility for the failure to execute an online bid due to errors or omissions in relation to this activity, or failures caused by a loss of connection on the site, problems with the software of online bidding and / or problems with a customer's internet connection, computer or system. In the event of disputes, the information reported in the auctioneer's book will always be valid. To be considered valid, the communication of successful award, automatically generated by the system at the end of each lot, must in any case be confirmed by communication from the Auction House.