1. Auction

The auctions are open to the public and with no obligation to purchase.

2. Catalog

The estimates in the catalog are expressed in Euro.
The evaluations, purely indicative, are based on the average market price of comparable works, as well as on the state of conservation and on the quality of the object itself.
Any assertion relating to the author, attribution of the work, date, origin, provenance and conditions constitutes an opinion and not a fact. It is therefore permitted to consult or be accompanied to the exhibitions by trusted experts.
The lots, as they are vintage, may show imperfections, signs of wear and the passage of time, even in the absence of the wording "defects" or similar terminologies in the description.
All information concerning the lot, including existing documentation, is indicated in the description of the lot. If this information is not present, it means that the work does not have it.
For jewels, it is possible to request a written appraisal from the Auction House, which will be issued by a qualified gemologist.
and expressly authorize Viscontea Casad’aste Srl, in the person of its legal representative or person in charge, to carry out any type of verification in this regard.

4. Auction rights

The buyer will pay the auction fees equal to 25%, calculated on the hammer price. In the event of online awarding of auction rights, the percentage provided for in the conditions of the relevant platforms for live participation in the auction will be added.

5. I.V.A

The auction fee is inclusive of VAT pursuant to art. 40-bis, D.L. 41/1995, converted with Law 85/1995.

10. Payment

The payment of the lots, in Euros, will have to; be made within seven days following the sale with one of the following forms:
- cashier's check
- check (subject to agreement with the administrative management)
- bank transfer
- credit card or debit card (exclusively at our office)
- cash (only for amounts below € 2,000.00 in compliance with anti-money laundering regulations)

11. Collection and payment by foreign customers

If a foreign customer is awarded the lot, Italian law requires a certificate of free circulation to be requested. Waiting times are approximately 40 days from the presentation of the work and related documentation to the Superintendency. Only once the certificate of free movement has been obtained will the customer be able to collect the goods awarded. Failure to issue or delay in delivery of the license does not constitute grounds for termination or cancellation of the sale, nor does it justify late payment by the buyer.

12. Collection of lots

The lots paid for in the times and methods indicated must be collected within fifteen days of the sale, unless otherwise agreed with the Auction House and with the exception of those for which it is necessary to obtain the certificate of free circulation and / or self-certification for export (for these the count starts from obtaining the authorizations). The auction house does not directly deal with packaging and shipping, but makes use of the collaboration of a transporter who, if the customer requests it, will be able to take care of the entire procedure.